architectural masterthesis – the space between [black and white]

The intention and idea of my project is dedicated to overcome existing stigmata in
connection with treatment facilities for mental disorders. The aim is to put an architectural
statement in terms of psychological treatment clinics in the center of Graz, to dispel
such prejudices. The difference to the design of allready known psychiatric day treatment institutions
is, that my design thinks the topic in a complete different way. The psychiatric day treatment
center also implements commercial functions. A mixing of patients and ordinary
people should take place in my design proposal. This design should propose no single
solution , but stimulate the discourse about mental illness and create space for the mentally
ill , where they feel comfortable.

Masterthesis complete in German language!



visualization of my design



vis 2








final masterstudio ige tugraz

The aim of the studio was to design a office building located in Barcelona St. Marti with approx. 25.000m² of gross floor area.
So in my design i decided to tilt the rooftop based on various simulations which where done in Autodesk Ecotect directing south. This was done to increase the amount of solarradiation which falls on the rooftop. The rooftop is covered with monocrystalline photovoltaic cells with an efficiency factor up to 20percent. So i can harvest one fifth of the total energy amount required on site. Also the curtain walls where tilted for the reason to overshadow the curtain walls during hot periods by itself. This simulation was done with a Rhino plugin called EVE-Sun developed by Dr. Milos Dimcic` from (Thanks for letting me use this nice tool) The floorplans are very fluent with a lot of recreation patio spaces, the inspiration comes from the Rolex learning centre by SANAA.


interior rendering


exterior rendering

For further information about the project you can download the digital presentation here…presentation_neu1

and the final poster in low resolution here…Studio3_neu

masterstudio SS13 / institute for structural design


the image shows our proposed design for the pavillon in front of the serpentine gallery

I did this project together with Gabriel Tschinkel and Peter Hörzenauer. By the way a big thanx goes out to DI Felix Raspall, DI Felix Amtsberg (ITE), Dr. -Ing. Milos Dimcic from and Stefan PETERS, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. who helped us a lot with scripting and translate this thing to the robot. You can follow the link to see the final video of the scaled robotic fabrication of one of our panels.

The Serpentine Gallery is an art gallery in Kensington Gardens, Hyde
Park, central London (UK). It focuses on modern and contemporary art.